Koh Chang

Koh Chang island is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, close to the Cambodian border, 300 km south from Bangkok. The Island is the second biggiest in Thailand and is a part of Koh Chang national maritime park consisting of 52 islands. The Island is famous for it's many white sandy beaches and the green mountains covered by dense rainforest.



  • There are guided tours into the jungle where you can experience the the tropical plants ,animal life and those many fantastic waterfalls. Elephant camps on the island arrange rides along the paths through the jungle. Tours can be booked in hotel reception.
Waters around Koh Chang gives good oppotunities for fishing and sightseeing tours, kayaking and sailing. Many coral reefs and rich sealife makes Koh Chang a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Eating out.  Koh Chang has a variety of dining options for visitors. Most restaurants will serve a variety of Thai and international dishes and frequently host beachside seafood barbeques, there are a number of international restaurants serving fairly authentic Indian, Italian, and other foreign cuisines.
  • A variety of bars and nightclubs  offers entertainment for those who do not want to sleep their holidays away , there is lot of choices from discobars in White Sands to beachparties in Lonely Beach.
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    How to get there from Bangkok

    Takes about 4 hours to drive from Bangkok. Very good road, most of it highway. Distance is 320 km.

    If arriving in Trat town, take a taxi to the ferry pier, sailing over takes 30 minutes and cost 80 baht. The ferries stop running after 7 pm. so plan your trip accordingly. After you arrive on the island, take a taxi to Sofia Garden.